Wildlife in the city share space with citizens on day to day basis. Most are skilled to keep themselves at bay from us, but many do fail to so creating conflict.

Hatred for snakes and other reptiles, have been etched in our minds with superstitious and mythological stories for the longest period of time. Snakes were killed on sight out of fear. WIR alongside of many other organizations has been working to solve conflict with reptiles for almost a decade. Awareness campaign, exhibitions have been an integral part of the exercise to reduce conflict and bring effective results. Schools, colleges and institutions are targeted for effective awareness campaigns to teach every individual to syncronise in this space.

Thousands of snakes have been rescued and released safely back into the wild in the presence of State Forest Department officials. Good preaching practices are followed by all rescuers. Guidelines laid for rescuers have paved the way for excellent conservation efforts when it comes to reptiles.

When there was a dearth of snake rescuers in the city, the organization members worked in tandem with other local NGO through an informal network to reach in the least possible time to rescue the animal in distress. Our policy is very simple, we do not work for numbers and carrying out each and every rescue is not on our priorities. The concern has always been to ensure the reptile is rescued in the least possible time, and our members work through an effective network with other leading NGOs working for reptile rescue.

In 2002, a 14 feet long python was rescued after a prolonged operation that last for more than 26 hours at Goregaon in an adjoining area alongside Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The reptile was later released back into the wild along with forest officials.

WIR has been the pioneer for rescuing crocodiles that find their way in human habitations. In the year 2004, along with the forest department officials, a 12 feet long crocodile was rescued and release successfully by the team.

Apart from birds that fall prey to kites during festivals and migration periods rescue, treatment and release of avian fauna is almost a daily affair. Veterinarians on board treat these birds in distress, foster and safely release them within the city limits.

Mammals have also been a part of this project on a massive scale. Leopards, jackals, pangolins have been rescued alongside the State Forest department.

Creating awareness for people to live alongside these denizens of Mumbai is a herculean task.

WIR participates in various activities for creating awareness in small hamlets and padas which live in tandem with such wild animals, not only in Mumbai city but also in several other adjoining districts.

Resolving conflict through efficient methodologies, rescue of leopards where the need arises have been carried out on various occasions by the organisation. Details of each successful rescue and release have been enlisted in each link under Project Syncronize.