Mumbai, one of the busiest cities in the world stands apart with a nature reserve in its heart. Sanjay Gandhi National Park with an area of 104 sq. kms is rich in biodiversity, a place least known even to many citizens here in Mumbai.
Popularly known as a tourist destination for one day holiday with amusement rides, Project Green Alphabets was commenced to create awareness about this unique city forest where thousands of species of plants, animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians call home.

Nature trails are conducted throughout the year for schools, colleges, institutions and corporates to make them understand better the role of SGNP in our lives.
The members of WIR have being carrying out presentations through slide shows, small films and documentaries to create positive impacts on minds of thousands of individuals for the past two decades.

Green Alphabets also promotes green and efficient ways to lead eco-friendly lifestyles through its various initiatives.

The programme has reached scores of young minds through several nature tours, trails and campaigns every year.

WIR has been actively promoting wildlife conservation through seminars and exhibitions. Posters and photographs are being utilized to allow individuals to understand natural history better.

Details of various programmes under Green Alphabets can be seen on these links.