Wildlife Images and Reflections (WIR) is a Non-governmental organisation based in Mumbai, one of the busiest cities in the world. A city that struggles for space, where land is of very high value and hundreds of wild species call this their home for its presence around Sanjay Gandhi National park, a reserve that has 108 sq kms of space with rich biodiversity.

In the year 1997, during his college days the idea to have an organization was deeply etched in the mind of Mr. Mayur Kamath, aged 19 years. He initiated this as an informal group to work meticulously for rescue when he realized the dearth of animal rescuers in the city. The ever expanding city meant, more snakes in conflict as landscapes changed through massive concretisation. From snakes to crocodiles, hundreds of species of birds to small and large mammals, the organization has rescued more than ten thousand animals, birds and reptiles over the years.

Being the founder president of WIR, he is currently the Hon. Wildlife Warden for Mumbai suburbs and a member of the State Wildlife board of Maharashtra state.